People Prepare Products in Places for Profit.

This sounds like a tongue-twister, but in fact is the basis of business. The better people perform, the higher quality products are likely to be; and better performing people need support from management in where and how those products are produced.

Place is often overlooked as a factor in the “system” of a business as contributing to performance and profits. But if a building is an energy hog, or is inefficiently laid out, or does not have a high quality Environmental characteristic (air quality, lighting, comfort, basic needs for use, ugly) it can bring down quality of product and cut into profits and add to the cost of doing business.

Candacity LLC is a business improvement company focusing on People in Places; meaning how people work in a space is part of the company’s system and improvements to place improves performance and therefore products and services.

We are program managers, construction project managers, architects and designers. We want to be your business improvement partner.